Infineon Launches Class D Audio Brand with Integrated Multilevel Amplifier ICs

May 30, 2019 Alix Paultre

Infineon Technologies launched the MERUS brand, uniting the existing portfolio of multi-chip modules and discrete audio products under one umbrella, introducing a family of highly power-efficient monolithic class D audio amplifier solution. Based on multilevel switching technology for class D audio amplifiers, the products offer better power consumption, solution size, audio performance, electromagnetic interference, and BOM cost.

With up to five levels of output signal modulation feasible, the multilevel amplifiers use additional on-chip MOSFETs and capacitors to produce outputs with higher signal granularity, i.e. higher switching frequencies and scalable output signal levels. This results in a small form factor and virtually no switching loss measurable in idle mode.

The family of four integrated multilevel audio amplifiers, the MA12040/P and the MA12070/P in two versions, respectively, boast power consumption in the 250mW range. The newly-introduced devices support up to four channels, which can be configured in parallel bridge-tied-load (PBTL), in bridge-tied-load (BTL) or in single-ended (SE) mode. As such, a single IC can output up to 160 W peak (16 A max) in a single PBTL channel or, for instance, it can be set up as a 2.1 system with 2 x 20 W tweeters as SE channels and 1 x 40 W woofer speaker as BTL channel.

Additional features include a digital power management scheme, low THD+N (0.003 percent), and low EMI emissions, and heatsink-free operation without filters. The MA12040/P and the MA12070/P feature several protection modes such as undervoltage lockout (UVLO), short-circuit/overcurrent and DC protection, and over-temperature warning and error. The MERUS integrated multilevel class D audio amplifier ICs come in a 64-pin thermally enhanced QFN package with exposed thermal pad (EPAD).

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