Infineon HybridPACK Power Modules Target Vehicle Electrification

May 3, 2019 Alix Paultre

At this year’s PCIM trade fair, Infineon Technologies will present four new HybridPACK Drive modules, optimized for different inverter performance levels between 100 kW and 200 kW. In addition, Infineon’s HybridPACK Double Sided Cooling (DSC) S2 targets main inverters up to 80 kW in hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with high power density requirements.

All HybridPACK derivatives have the same footprint as the already established lead device (FS820R08A6P2x) in the product family. The HybridPACK Drive Flat (FS660R08A6P2Fx) and Wave (FS770R08A6P2x) are cost-optimized for 100 kW up to 150 kW inverters respectively. Their baseplates, which connect to the cooler of the inverter, have different structures and different thermal dissipation capabilities. The Flat version uses a flat baseplate without any structure at all. This leads to a lower power output at lower cost. The Wave version fills the performance gap between the Flat and PinFin derivatives with a Ribbon Bond baseplate structure.

The HybridPACK Drive Performance (FS950R08A6P2B) targets 200 kW inverters, and is equipped with the same PinFin baseplate as the lead product. However, a dedicated ceramic material is used to improve cooling by over 20 percent, enabling higher current. Like the Flat and Wave versions, the Performance product comes with the EDT2 (Electric Drive Train) IGBT generation.

The FS380R12A6T4x is an alternative version of the Performance module, targeting 150 kW inverters. While it includes the same PinFin baseplate and performance ceramic, a different chipset of IGBT4 dies makes it the first derivative with a 1200 V blocking voltage. This will be necessary in electric vehicles with a battery voltage of more than 700 V for ultra-fast charging. For switching frequencies in the range of 8 kHz, the IGBT4 thus represents a less expensive alternative to SiC modules.

The HybridPACK DSC module with EDT2 technology (HybridPACK DSC S2, FF450R08A03P2) uses the double-sided cooling package concept and provides an extended short-term operating capability up to a chip junction temperature of 175°C. The chip technology upgrade and the higher chip temperature operating capability lead to a 40 percent increase in the achievable performance from the same footprint compared to the existing HybridPACK DSC S1.

As a compact half-bridge module, the HybridPACK DSC enables different inverter geometries and further motor integration. The on-chip current and temperature sensors contribute to an efficient and safe inverter operation.

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