Industrial Internet Consortium Publishes Vocabulary Technical Report V2.1

August 22, 2018 Laura Dolan, Associate Technology Editor

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has published V2.1 of the Industrial Internet Vocabulary Technical Report, which will provide a common set of definitions for IIoT terms used in all IIC documents and be a reference for anyone working in IIoT, including those in IT, OT and vertical industries.

Version 2.1 defines new IIoT vocabulary that is widely used across vertical industries and adds terms used in data management, edge and edge computing, IT/OT convergence, connectivity, interoperability, brownfield and greenfield. The report aims to make communication easier for IIoT stakeholders, and clarifies misused terms such as “connectivity” and “interoperability”, which are often confused.

“The industrial internet has core concepts that mean different things to different people,” said Anish Karmarkar, Co-Chair of the Vocabulary Task Group, and Senior Director, Standards Strategy & Architecture at Oracle. “Without an agreed upon vocabulary, there’s a lot of room for misunderstandings.”

The IIC will continue to revise the IIC IIoT Vocabulary Technical Report including definitions for new IIoT terms. 

Download V2.1 of the IIC’s Vocabulary Technical Report at

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