Imperas’ riscvOVPsim Gives RISC-V Community a Boost

November 6, 2018 Laura Dolan

Imperas Software Ltd. has released its riscvOVPsim - RISC-V Open Virtual Platform Simulator - as a reference Instruction Set Simulator (ISS), designed for the RISC-V software developers, implementers and early adopters community and helping them adhere to the RISC‑V specifications.

The riscvOVPsim delivers industrial high-level simulation performance and quality for development and compliance testing.

It also aids hardware and software developers in a multitude of markets to develop RISC-V software and build and/or test compliance on the implementation of a RISC-V CPU.

Highlights of the riscvOVPsim include:

  • An open-source, configurable RISC-V Fast Processor Model, that covers all the RISC-V permitted configurations and variants.
  • An instruction-accurate RISC-V CPU simulator used for compliance and test development with exceptionally fast, high-performance simulation, running over 1 billion instructions per second on a standard host PC (Windows or Linux).
  • It is available for free for personal, academic, or commercial use by simply downloading it from GitHub and running it on a standard Linux or Windows host PC.

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