IAR Systems Facilitates Building and Testing of Automotive Applications in Linux-based Environments for Renesas RH850 MCUs

October 1, 2020 Tiera Oliver

IAR Systems released an update of its Renesas RH850 microcontroller (MCU)-focused build tools supporting implementation in Linux-based frameworks for automated application build and test processes. 

According to the company, IAR Systems’ build tools for Linux streamlines the building and testing processes, making it possible for organizations to optimize resources when it comes to the time developers spend in their projects, as well as to manage and utilize licenses and servers in an optimal way. With the integrated static analysis tool C-STAT, developers can ensure code quality throughout the development and testing process. C-STAT proves code alignment with industry standards like MISRA C:2012, MISRA C++:2008, and MISRA C:2004, and also detects defects, bugs, and security vulnerabilities as defined by CERT C and the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE).

IAR Systems’ build tools for Linux includes the optimizing IAR C/C++ Compiler, IAR Assembler, Linker and library tools, IARBuild, and runtime libraries. The IAR C/C++ Compiler adheres to a freestanding implementation of the C18 (ISO/IEC 9899:2018) programming language standard and supports all C++17 features. In addition, C++14 (ISO/IEC 14882:2015), C11 (ISO/IEC 9899:2012), C89 (ANSI X3.159-1989,) and the IEEE 754 standard for floating-point arithmetic are supported. 

For more information, visit: www.iar.com/renesas.

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