IAR Delivers Security Compliance on NXP MCUs

May 18, 2020 Brandon Lewis

IAR Systems' C-Trust security development tools now supports a range of additional MCUs from NXP Semiconductors, including K22/24/64/V65/V58, and i.MX RT1064 crossover devices. The added support allows developers using these and other NXP MCUs to implement advanced security features and ensure compliance with emerging security standards such as EN 303 645SB 237HB 2395, and the South Korean Internet & Security Agency's (KISA's) "IoT Service Planning from Personal Information Perspective" guidelines.

Part of IAR Embedded Workbench, C-Trust empowers developers who do not have deep technical security knowledge to protect new or existing applications with little to no rework. It provides robust defenses against IP theft, malware injection, counterfeiting, overproduction, and a range of other threats.

“NXP appreciated the recent introduction of support for the LPC55S6x MCU family in C-Trust, and the addition of these newly supported products is most welcome because it provides a more uniform portfolio where the addition of security is eased from mainstream to higher security applications,” said Brendon Slade, director MCU ecosystem, NXP Semiconductors. “As industry requirements evolve, companies need to be able to rapidly deliver the required functionality and meet end-user demands.”

IAR Systems also offers the Security from Inception Suite, a unique set of tools and services for implementing and customizing security in embedded applications.

More information about the company's security offerings is available at www.iar.com/security.

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