Hyperstone Launches X1, a New Low Power SSD Controller

February 12, 2019 Laura Dolan

Konstanz, Germany. Hyperstone’s new X1 – SATA III SSD controller focuses on high-reliability and low power SSDs, M.2 and U.2 modules, CFast cards and system-in-package eSSDs or discrete on-board flash drive integration.

The X1 reaches random write performance, minimal write amplification and high endurance without external DRAM. The new FlashXE® (eXtended Endurance) read-channel includes calibration, error correction with soft-decoding and error prevention mechanisms satisfying a large gamut of flash technology including SLC, pSLC, 3D MLC, 3D TLC and the next generation of NAND flashes.

“The powerful dual-core processor along with end-to-end datapath protection, FlashXE® and advanced security features are vital in guaranteeing an industrial reliable system with today’s 3D flashes,” said Sandro-Diego Wölfle, Hyperstone’s Product Manager. “Furthermore, the X1 provides extremely low power consumption, and as the silicon is designed for 125°C junction temperature, it can be used in 105 °C environments.”

For more information, please visit www.hyperstone.com.

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