Helix Semi Launches High-Efficiency DC-DC Product Family

May 17, 2019 Alix Paultre

Helix Semiconductors announced a DC-DC product family, based on the technology platform first introduced in its MxC 200 power IC. The devices are designed to take an input from 12V to 48V and convert it to selectable lower voltages at a high efficiency. Consisting of five monolithic, configurable, high-voltage switch capacitor ICs, the family targets both non-isolated and isolated, buck or boost DC-DC converter applications. 

The new DC-DC product family consists of ICs and evaluation boards for four general DC-DC application areas:

  • Multi-output product - 48V 15W DC-DC converter (2D-048-015A and MxC 290)
  • High-output product - 48V 15W DC-DC converter (2D-048-015B and MxC 291/ MxC 293)
  • Voltage-boost product - 12V 3W DC-DC converter (2U-012-010A and MxC 284)
  • Capacitive Isolation (CapIso™) product - 48V 10W DC-DC converter (2I-048-010A and MxC 270) and 24V 10W DC-DC converter (2D-024-010A and MxC 274)

Learn more at www.helixsemiconductors.com.

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