GSMA and 5GAA Announce Agreement to Increase Connected Cars and Keep Roads Safer

September 11, 2019 Laura Dolan

The GSMA and the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) signed a three-year cooperation agreement where they will concentrate on privacy/security, common standards and the 5.9GHz spectrum band for the internet of vehicles.

Both organizations help connect vehicles, drivers, edge devices and cloud-based services with direct and network-based V2X communications. “Together we can find faster, smarter and cheaper solutions to the challenges of connected driving,” said GSMA’s VP and Head of Europe, Afke Schaart. “These solutions will reduce fatalities on the road and emissions in the air.” 

 “C-V2X technology is set to revolutionize the mobility ecosystem and the way vehicles and drivers interact with the world, including vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists,” said 5GAA’s CTO, Maxime Flament. “It is an essential steppingstone for the ongoing digitization of transportation by providing real-time, highly reliable, and actionable information flows to enable road safety, traffic efficiency and environmental progress.”

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