Fujitsu to Test Automotive Relay FTR-K5 Series for 6.6kW EV/PHV On-Board Chargers

June 19, 2019 Laura Dolan

Fujitsu is testing a 6.6kW (32A-250VAC) switching automotive relay for on-board battery chargers in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (EV/PHV).

The FTR-K5:

  • Is a 1 Form A PCB relay series that enables faster EV/PHV battery charging and satisfies automotive vibration and shock resistance specifications
  • Has a 105-degree C temperature rating and 8mm insulation distance between coil and contact
  • Includes a 5,000VAC tolerance voltage between coil and contact and 1,000VAC between adjacent contacts
  • Can withstand a 40A continuous power supply sans switching
  • Comes in a flux-free or plastic-sealed enclosure

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