FTDI Chip to Demo USB Type-C/PD Controller IC at Electronica

November 13, 2018 Laura Dolan

FTDI Chip will present the FT4233H at Electronica in Booth 155, Hall B5, November 13-16, in Munich, Germany. It is an advanced bridge IC with USB Type-C connectivity and USB power delivery (PD) Rev. 3.0 controller capabilities that are able to support applications up to 100W.

The FT4233H will help currents reach 3A and provide them to connected hardware (power tools, lights, household appliances, etc.). The IC's integrated 32-bit PD Policy Engine and USB Protocol Engine elements control all the negotiation and power gauging activities, eliminating the system microcontroller and not impacting system performance.    

The USB bridge function supplements the quad high-speed USB to multi-purpose bridging offered by the company’s previous generation FT4232H device - including UART, I²C, JTAG, Bit-Bang or SPI via its integrated MPSSE Engine, on up to 4 independently controllable channels.        

For more information, go to http://www.ftdichip.com.

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