Flex Power Modules Adds Active Current Sharing to BMR490 DC-DC Converter

September 27, 2019 Alix Paultre

Flex Power Modules’ BMR490 DC-DC converter with active current sharing enables two or more converters to be used in parallel for demanding datacom applications. Up to six BMR490 converters may be used in parallel, and when used in combination with OR-ing, increases redundancy, or if redundancy is not required, increases efficiency. Compared to traditional droop-load-sharing (DLS), the BMR490 enables better thermal balance between load and sharing units, due to the higher accuracy achieved by active current sharing.

The BMR490 non-isolated quarter-brick can provide an output power of up to 1300W, with an input voltage range of 40V to 60V, and output voltage of 12V. The converter offers high efficiency of typically 97.3 percent at 53Vin and half load. Each unit can deliver up to 1260W per module over the full input voltage range in parallel mode, with droop of 200mV at full power and nominal input.

Learn more at www.flex.com.  

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