Excelfore to Deploy the eSync In-Vehicle OTA Platform

September 6, 2019 Alix Paultre

The eSync Alliance reports that member company Excelfore announced the deployment of the eSync in-vehicle over-the-air (OTA) platform for cars by Chinese automotive manufacturer FAW. Providing a secure, bidirectional OTA data pipeline via the cloud to multiple devices, eSync OTA technology enables FAW to manage software updates to more than 30 electronic control units (ECUs) and domain controllers, from 24 different vendors. The eSync data pipeline can also be used for diagnostic data gathering and error detection. 

FAW's R&D Chief of Staff said, "The eSync platform plays a vital role in our newest generation of vehicles, providing a mechanism to update software in electronic devices throughout the car. This solution from Excelfore saves time and money and improves convenience and reliability for drivers."

For more information, visit www.excelfore.com or www.eSyncAlliance.org.

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