ELTEC Elektronik Allows Secure Browsing in Automotive Applications

August 28, 2019 Laura Dolan

ELTEC Elektronik has supplemented its family of wireless LTE routers with the CyBox RT 2-A, which combines a wireless router, access point and integrated switch in a small, albeit robust, frame.

It enables unlimited internet browsing and data transmitting with the control center for mobile applications in buses, trams and trucks. Other interfaces allow the connection of vehicle-internal bus systems including CAN, IBIS, OBD-2, RS232 and RS485, as well as to the 1 GbE interface.

The CyBox RT 2-A is specifically designed for automotive applications but is also conducive for industrial applications.

The CyBox RT 2-A design features include:

  • Supporting Wi-Fi and GSM/UMTS/LTE modems
  • Two LTE modules
  • Two SIM slots per LTE module that support communication with several mobile phone operators for prime network coverage
  • Has IP40 housing that requires no active cooling and is impervious to shock and vibration
  • Has a USB interface and an optional internal SSD for storing local data

The CyBox RT 2-A was created to meet automotive requirements, offering all essential operations on a single board with an additional interface module. It includes different mounting variants and all status indicators are located on the front panel, making for a simple installation.

For more information, visit www.eltec.de.

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