DUAGON-MEN-GROUP Integrates OEM Technology Solutions Australia

April 24, 2019 Alix Paultre

Maximilian Hegel (Deutsche Beteiligungs), James McLeod (CEO at OEM), Dr. Markus Dilger (CEO at DUAGON-MEN Group), and Richard Gobee (Managing Director at OEM) (from left to right) are happy about the merger.

OEM Technology Solutions, based in Sydney, Australia, is now part of the DUAGON-MEN-GROUP positioning the organization as a provider of communication, control, and computing solutions for rail vehicles. OEM Technology Solutions develops and produces control and automation products for the global railway market. In addition to controllers, I/O products and gateways, OEM Technology Solutions offers cloud software services for diagnostics and Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM). Both James McLeod and Richard Gobee, the founders of OEM Technology Solutions, have committed to long-term agreements to continue to manage the Sydney organization. 

DUAGON-MEN-GROUP will continue to invest in the R&D Centre in Sydney, and the headquarters of OEM Technology Solutions will act also as a sales and support center for the DUAGON-MEN-GROUP in Australia and Asia Pacific. Similarly, the DUAGON-MEN-GROUP’s service hubs in Switzerland, Germany, China, France and USA will provide support for OEM Technology Solutions.

For more information, visit www.men.dewww.menmicro.com or www.oem.net.au.

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