Dialog Semiconductor Launches Latest Family of Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs

February 28, 2019 Laura Dolan

London, UK. Dialog Semiconductor released the SmartBond DA1469x family of Bluetooth low energy SoCs. It includes four variants for improved processing power, resources, range and battery life for multiple IoT connected consumer applications.

The DA1469x product family is supported by Dialog’s proven SmartBond technology, increasing the range of applications for manufacturers to work on with a designated application processor based on the ARM Cortex-M33 processor.

The device’s advanced connectivity assists developers in future-proofing their devices by having the range in the new integrated radio doubled to implement protocols and provide full flexibility for wireless communication.

The DA1469x employs improved sensor functionality with a Sensor Node Controller (SNC) that saves power and activates the application processor only when needed.

“The demands of today’s connected consumer are expanding with each new product cycle,” said Dialog Semiconductor’s Connectivity Business Group’s Senior VP & GM, Sean McGrath. “Our SmartBond wireless microcontrollers are recognized in the market as being designed not only to meet the needs of today’s users, but to anticipate where the market is heading and offer development opportunities for our customers for their next product cycles. With the DA1469x family, we have doubled the processing power, quadrupled available resources and doubled the battery lifetime compared to its predecessor, making it by far, one of the most advanced, feature-rich Bluetooth products we’ve developed to date.”

For more information, visit https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/.

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