Cruden dSPACE integration package combines HIL and DIL simulations

December 12, 2017 ECD Staff

AMSTERDAM. Cruden has developed a dPSACE integration package that combines hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) set-ups and driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators, which allows automotive research and development teams to work in a hard real-time (HRT) platform and align the processes and platforms of their DIL and HIL test departments instead of using multiple independent and unrelated simulation set-ups at the same time, necessitating validation of multiple models and correlation of data.

Cruden’s dSPACE integration package combines the company’s Panthera simulator software’s open architecture with the hardware interfacing capabilities of dSPACE HRT systems and the open and real-time-capable dSPACE ASM (Automotive Simulation Models) simulation tool suite. dSPACE and ASM have direct communication with the simulator motion system and the Panthera software, which is the main simulation engine. Cruden’s Panthera ePhyse HRT toolbox includes a Simulink block set optimized for use on the dSPACE system. It is an integrated solution to set-up IO between the dSPACE platform and the simulator environment. In the combined system, initializing the simulator session only requires selecting the ASM model of choice and clicking a start session button in the GUI, which activates all relevant subsystems in the set-up.

The only hardware change required is the replacement of the conventional Windows-based computer (which sends output to the motion, audio and visual systems) in the soft real-time (SRT) set-up with a dSPACE system. The package is also able to integrate peripheral hardware, such as instruments or other HMI equipment, over standard available interfaces like CAN.

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