CISSOID and Tsinghua University to Jointly Develop Systems Based on SiC Power Modules

April 26, 2019 Alix Paultre

Belgium-based CISSOID announced a technical cooperation with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technologies of Tsinghua University (DoEE). The two parties will jointly develop systems based on silicon carbide (SiC) power modules. The alliance will promote systems based on silicon carbide power devices, eventually to enable the rapid development of new energy vehicles.

“SiC devices have the advantages of fast switching speed and small on-resistance, which can improve energy conversion efficiency. But in real applications, where the switching frequency of the SiC device is increased, the driver devices are required to be as close as possible to the power module. Plus the impact from the sealed environment of the in-vehicle converter, the

temperatures of the driver devices are increased to a quite higher level, so we need driver circuits with high temperature resistance and packaging," said Associate Professor, Lu Haifeng, DoEE of Tsinghua University.

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