BTI and PixelMechanics Improve IoT Connectivity and Analytics

March 13, 2019 Laura Dolan

TORONTO. Behr Technologies Inc. (BTI) and PixelMechanics are joining forces to improve production efficiency and quality control at manufacturing facilities with environmental sensor networks.

Their first endeavor is Witte Spezialitaten, a German bakery, where they will install MIOTY-enabled sensors that will monitor temperature and humidity in its storage facilities and retail locations and transmit data every 75 seconds to the PixelMechanics IoT Platform.  

MIOTY and the PixelMechanics IoT Platform will also help manufacturers:

1. Improve Worker Safety & Productivity

2. Enhance Regulation and Compliance

3. Energy Management and Occupancy Comfort

“The combination of the PixelMechanics IoT platform and MIOTY LPWAN technology will unleash the power of sensor networks and big data for manufacturers,” said BTI’s CEO Albert Behr. “We’re solving two major pieces of the puzzle, reliable access to invaluable data and translation of that data into meaningful insights that will not only improve operational efficiency, but also enable innovation and intelligent decision making.”  

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