Avnet and Trusted Objects Secure Industrial IoT

September 11, 2019 Laura Dolan

Avnet and Trusted Objects will offer an end-to-end security solution for low-power IoT devices.

Avnet and Trusted Objects’ partnership will secure IoT implementation in cloud, middleware and on-device areas, as Trusted Objects specifically provides a more unified, standardized platform to maintain and offer security throughout the IoT deployment.

Avnet will embed Trusted Objects’ software into a customer’s MCU or Secure Element, as Trusted Objects’ security stacks ensure accessible and secure connectivity between the device, the IoT network and the cloud.

“With Trusted Objects, we are able to more flexibly design secure IoT solutions that match our customers’ needs and, ultimately, their unique business cases,” said Avnet’s VP of Internet of Things, Lou Lutostanski. “The real difference in our approach is our ability to accommodate solutions that are both low-power and large-scale. Together with Trusted Objects, Avnet’s ecosystem offers customers a complete Industrial IoT solution that’s simple to integrate and unique to the market—one that makes IoT security more scalable and easier to implement.”

“Developers are working hard to create IoT ecosystems that can be trusted by businesses, and the complexities they face have stifled the scalability of these solutions,” said Trusted Objects’ CEO, Sami Anbouba. “By working with Avnet, we’re able to take steps toward standardizing the end-to-end security developers need to protect their IoT ecosystems.”

Learn more at www.avnet.com/IoT.

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