Autotalks and NoTraffic Join Forces on Traffic Management Platform with Global V2X

June 10, 2019 Laura Dolan

Autotalks is sharing its chipset with NoTraffic’s autonomous traffic management platform. The solution will detect a variety of objects including vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians and transfer the data using DSRC or C-V2X to oncoming vehicles. Autotalks and NoTraffic will be appearing at the 7th EcoMotion Main Event on June 11, 2019 at Pavilion 1 at the EXPO Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv, in booths 83 and 18, respectively. 

NoTraffic’s platform is designed to be used anywhere in the world, increasing safety and efficiency in city intersections.

Autotalks’ 2nd generation V2X chipset maintains both DSRC based on 802.11p/ITS-G5 standards and C-V2X based on 3GPP release 14 and 15 specifications with embedded V2X cyber-security functionality.

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