Atmosic Technologies Extends Battery Life and Range for TraceSafe AllSafe Wristbands, Enabling Robust Contact Tracing

July 16, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Atmosic Technologies and TraceSafe announced that TraceSafe has selected Atmosic's M2 solution for the AllSafe Wristband. According to the companies, the M2 system-on-chip (SoC) has low power consumption to extend the battery life of AllSafe Wristbands, and also supports long-range connectivity to support implementations that connect to gateways.

As businesses and venues where large numbers of people come together re-open while COVID-19 is still a health threat, there is a need for tracing devices and exposure notification systems. TraceSafe is bringing its AllSafe devices and system to such venues with its end-to-end, device-to-cloud solution.

TraceSafe has partnered with Atmosic to integrate the wireless innovator's Bluetooth 5.0-based M2 solutions into each of the wristbands to enable device-to-device connectivity for contact tracing.

Atmosic's M2 was selected by TraceSafe for its support for long-range connectivity of up to 100 meters and its low power consumption. This long-range support makes AllSafe Wristbands suitable for a wide variety of contact tracing systems, whether the devices are configured to connect to a person's smartphone or a gateway.

The M2 integrates Atmosic's Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake Up technologies, extending the battery life of IoT devices powered by small, low-voltage batteries by 18 months or longer. According to the companies, this reduces or even eliminates the need for recharging or replacing batteries altogether, an advantage to any entity implementing the AllSafe contact tracing system.

Atmosic's portfolio also includes its M3 solutions, which further extend battery life and can even eliminate the need for batteries at all. The M3 solution integrates Energy Harvesting technology which captures energy from RF (radio frequencies), photovoltaic power from ambient light sources, and kinetic energy generated by motion.

The AllSafe Wristband, built with Atmosic's M2 connectivity solution, will be distributed to all fans attending events hosted by the Toronto Wolfpack Rugby League Football Club, the "Toronto Wolfpack," at Lamport Stadium, as well as at other Canadian Rugby Stadiums during the coming season. The wristbands will support contact tracing and the monitoring of social distancing during all events.

"Our AllSafe system is a turn-key solution to help businesses and venues safely reopen. The wristbands provide a complete device-to-cloud solution for contact tracing, social distancing and location tracking that can quickly notify someone if they have come into close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. AllSafe is designed with privacy in mind, as there is no personally identifiable information stored on our system," said Dennis Kwan, CEO of TraceSafe Technologies Inc.

TraceSafe and Atmosic's solutions can be integrated into other wearables and sensor-based devices to advance health and safety, while enabling businesses to move toward a new state of normalcy.

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