AIStorm’s New Real-Time AI-in-Sensor Improves Driver Assistance, Mobile Handsets, Cameras, and IoT Solutions

February 28, 2019 Laura Dolan

BARCELONA, SPAIN. AIStorm launched a set of real-time AI-in-sensor solutions for mobile handsets, IoT, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).  

AIStorm IoT Vision/IoT Waveform Solutions address the following:

  • fingerprint sensing
  • gesture control
  • heart monitoring and heart-based identification
  • occupancy sensing
  • facial recognition
  • voice input
  • drone imaging
  • image stabilization
  • security and intersection cameras

AIStorm ADAS address:

  • NIR, 1550nm and CIS
  • mirror
  • biasing
  • high-voltage driver
  • image-stabilization and image-processing
  • gesture control
  • blink monitoring
  • voice HID
  • wavelet-based failure detection

“Many industry players are focused on deep submicron GPU-based solutions to accelerate AI at the edge. We believe that such solutions are not compatible with the real-time processing, power and low-cost requirements of these applications,” said AIStorm’s CEO David Schie. “Today, we are reshaping the landscape by enabling complete solutions that include a sensor, an analog front end, and AI processing at low cost, and suitable for even the smallest form factors — without the need to digitize input data.”

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