ADS-TEC Offers Universal Entry-Level Industrial Firewall

December 12, 2019 Alix Paultre

The IRF1000 Series from ADS-TEC is a universal entry-level industrial firewall for Industry 4.0 applications. The compact devices provide a secure entry point for remote maintenance and Industrial IoT, and feature secure hardware-based smartcard security, with flexible access rights. 

The devices are equipped with four 100 Mbps ports, and can be mounted a DIN rail, and offer the basics to ensure communications in the IIoT are as secure as possible. Compatible with the Company’s Big-LinX IIoT platform, the flexible modules can be integrated into an OpenVPN infrastructure, or tunnelled using existing proxy servers via port 443. 

The IRF1401 comes without LTE, while the LTE-equipped IRF1421 is available in different versions for the European and the EMEA/Americas regions. Wireless Internet access is available using optional 4G/LTE mobile signal support. The Digital IN allows a key switch to be connected, which can be used to disable access manually and/or establish the VPN connection.

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