Acer Cloud Technology Debuts Being Device Management

February 12, 2019 Katelyn Albani

TAIPEI, TW. Acer Cloud Technology announces the debut of Being Device Management.

Acer Cloud Technology has joined forces with smart system suppliers Axiomtek, NEXCOM, IBASE, Shuttle, and AOPEN to provide an all-in-one device management platform across a variety of industries, such as retail, health, and transportation. They plan to offer an integrated hardware and software device management solution to help system integrators save costs and improve their operational efficiency.

"Acer develops cloud solutions with service-oriented, cloud-based technology to solve device management problems that arise in this new, highly integrated era," said Chairman of Acer Cloud Technology, Maverick Shih. "In launching Being Device Management, we are providing a centralized management portal for better operational efficiency and control of devices. As such, we are excited to partner with these vendors to preload Being Device Management onto more devices for complete and fully integrated solutions."

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