Winmate Listed as Top 10 Display Technology Solution Provider in 2019

August 14, 2019 Winmate

Winmate is listed in the "Top 10 Display Technology Solution Provider 2019" by Enterprise Technology Review, a leading United States-based print magazine providing insightful articles on the latest trends for enterprise technology. The Enterprise Technology Review selected the top 10 based on each company's unique perspectives of technology and innovation that make them stand 'at the forefront of providing Display Tech solutions and impacting the marketplace.

As a display provider building rugged monitors that can quickly and efficiently integrate with almost any systems and function in any severe and harsh environments, Winmate is equipped with a modular design to produce HMIs in various form factors that can satisfy different clients' demands. One more thing that makes us outshine the market is that we optimize user experience with top-notch technologies. For instance, anti-glare (AG) or anti-reflective (AR) treatments are integrated with our displays for enhanced durability and reduction of reflections. Meanwhile, to achieve the ultimate performance, the color calibration process for electronic chart display and information system complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO). Besides, Winmate's position as a leading HMI solution provider is consolidated through the collaboration with various organizations. The latest success case is that, an energy service company was looking for an explosion proof Panel PC solution that meets the tough oil & gas standards to act as a system controller and a HMI for their new high-tech, automation-based land drilling rigs.

It is Winmate's pleasure to be included in the annual listing of 'Top 10 Display Technology Solution Provider.' We will not just move forward, but break through, to keep on delivering the highest standards of profession and service.

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