Winmate 4K UHD Medical Displays Now Support 12G-SDI

May 8, 2019 Winmate Inc.

Winmate Inc., a global leader in developing rugged computing and imaging solutions for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments, refreshes the 27-inch and 32-inch 4K-UHD medical displays by adding two new models that now support 12G-SDI, M270TF-SDI and M320TF-SDI.

The 12G-SDI is a digital video interface that allows full, stable transmission of 4K display signal across a single cable to a distance of up to 150 meters. As an uncompressed, unencrypted video interface that offers 4 times the bandwidth of 3G-SDI, the importance of this interface in the medical industry is to ensure the precise imagery remains unchanged from the video source to the 4K display and therefore allows healthcare providers to have the most accurate imaging.

The 4K medical display series feature thin and compact housings and come equipped with 3D lookup table (LUT) technology for unrivaled color accuracy. In addition, with the ultra-high definition 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the monitors are able to achieve faithful representation of surgical images or videos for use in endoscopy and operating rooms.

Strict ergonomic requirements are fulfilled thanks to the wide viewing angle of the display, the ambient light sensor allowing for automatic brightness adjustment, as well as the easy-to-clean fanless and ventless construction. The IEC 60601-1, 60601-1-6 and EN60601-1-2 medical certifications, front IP65 rating, and the antimicrobial coating makes this series a medical display lineup that is able to take surgical precision on displays to the next level.

"With the release of 12G-SDI display solution we are able to provide the latest standards of video broadcasting," said Austin Chang, Senior Product Manager of Winmate. "By offering a 12G-SDI display solution we are addressing a market need for a high resolution 4K video. It is particularly important for medical imaging, and other critically demanding applications."

The M270TF-SDI and M320TF-SDI both come in aluminum housing, providing heat dissipation and durability, as well as integration-friendly mounting options for both new and existing video systems.

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