VarTech Systems Inc. Setting the Bar for Hazardous Area Explosion Protection Computing

February 12, 2019 VarTech Systems Inc.
VarTech\'s 32\
VarTech\'s 32\" Purge Protected Explosion Proof HMI Panel Workstation Computer

Announcing another industry first from VarTech Systems, the VT3250ES purge HMI panel display/computer system, the newest addition to our highly successful ToughStation hazardous area product line

This system is equipped with an industrial grade 32” LED backlit display housed in VarTech’s modular gasket-sealed 316-stainless steel enclosure. The ruggedly engineered enclosure encompasses not only the primary HMI but also a globally approved internal Type X purge pressurization system (Type Z Purge also available). This system is suitable for class I and II, Division 1/ Zone 1 and Zone 21 as well as non-hazardous area applications. The flush-mount low profile purge/pressurization control panel has an easy-to-read user interface with a multitude of customizable purge programs.

Taking cues from our fully-enclosed product customers we knew there was an opportunity to develop something innovative for the hazardous area computing industry. The VT3250ES boasts many features, the most pertinent being a purge protected 1080P 32” display system. This system is capable of monitoring large amounts of process control data or critical imagery and information within a hazardous area environment.

No other company in the industry currently offers a hazardous area product like this one. Of course, like most of VarTech’s products it needed to be highly customizable, so there are a lot of optional features available, including a variety of motherboards and processors, a user accessible peripheral compartment, alternate purge systems, I/O’s, sunlight readable technology, and several mounting designs… to name a few. Further, the unit can be coupled with user accessories such as keyboards, KVM’s, and scanners to offer a complete solution.

Overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with the VT3250ES. It’s definitely a game changer for the hazardous area industry. For more information about this product, contact us today or visit our website at

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