The rise of Python for Embedded Systems

July 25, 2017 Zerynth
Why using Python for Embedded
Why using Python for Embedded
Python on Top Programming Language Ranking by IEEE
Python on Top Programming Language Ranking by IEEE

According to IEEE Spectrum, Python is ranked No. 1 in the top programming languages of 2017.

Python has continued its upward trajectory from last year and jumped two places to the No. 1 in the overall ranking. While the first position is confirmed for Web and Enterprise categories, this amazing language still needs to explode in the Embedded category, despite the rise of Python-based embedded development platforms like Zerynth ( and MicroPython.

This ranking is not that surprising. Today the vast majority of embedded code is still written in C. Expert and skilled C programmers could justify this stating that “C generates a faster, more compact, and more reliable code”

… BUT…

if you replace C with “assembly” in that statement, you’d have exactly what an extinct generation of programmers said about 20 years ago!

Python isn’t just the most-popular language for introductory CS programs and hobbyist developers, it’s also the fastest-growing language for embedded systems and IoT.

Find out why you should consider Python (and Zerynth!) for embedded programming and IoT.

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