Teledyne LeCroy released a new Automotive Ethernet Debug Toolkit + Automotive Ethernet Breakout Test Fixture

August 12, 2019 Teledyne LeCroy

Key Features

Dedicated Debug Environment

Debug signal quality communication issues

Separate bidirectional traffic with superior signal fidelity

Characterize system performance with 12 eye diagram measurement

Beyond Compliance Testing

The unique and dedicated Automotive Ethernet Debug Toolkit is designed to detect signal quality communication issues between a Master and Slave that are not identifiable during compliance testing. Fully characterize and quantify system performance with a suite of 12 parameters and enable equalization to visualize how the signal appears at the receiver.

Calibrated Signal Separation The bidirectional nature of an Automotive Ethernet link provides a challenge for analyzing signals with an oscilloscope. The TF-AUTO-ENET separates bidirectional link traffic to independently view signals from the Master and Slave. A built-in calibration routine provides superior signal fidelity compared to alternative approaches.

Quantify System Performance Fully characterize and quantify a link's performance using 12 parameters, including eye height and eye width of both the upper and lower eyes. Visually observe system failure rates with customizable BER contours. Integrated FF Equalization

Enable the FF Equalization to see exactly how the signal appears at the receiver or determine which equalization scheme will be best for opening the eye. Define the number of taps and specific tap weightings or train the equalizer on acquired data. For more information:

Product Page:

Datasheet: http://

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