TAICENN Industrial Computer& Monitor for Building Automation, conform to the development tendency of SMART city

August 9, 2018 TAICENN

With the continuous development of human society, more and more people will be crowed in future city. In order to solve the urban problems and realize the sustainable development, the construction of SMART city has become an irreversible historical tendency of the development of world. The construction of building automation needs the support of high performance hardware system, to realize the computer technology and network technology into the whole building automation and its subsystem. The development of intelligence also puts forward higher requirements for industrial computer and display technology, to adapt to the increasing big data application environment.

The Building Automation System (BAS), uses modern sensor technology, computer technology and communication technology to control and manage all the mechanical and electrical facilities automatically in the building. The SMART building is built through the building automation system, and comprehensive monitoring and management, to create a comfortable, safe, economical, efficient and convenient working & living environment for the users of the building, and reduce the operating expenses by optimizing the operation and management of the equipment. The BA system involves the electric power, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and drainage, disaster prevention, safety prevention, garage management equipment and systems. They are subsystems in the building with the most extensive, high-load design task and largest amount of construction work.

The main technologies of the science and technology development in the worlds are computer technology, control technology, communication technology and graphic display technology. Applying science and technology to the BA system synthetically, an integrated computer network will be established in the whole building to make the building automation more intelligent. As a leading Industrial computer and industrial monitor solution provider & manufacturer, TAICENN offers a wide range of solutions and products for building automation systems, including high reliability & low power consumption Intel processors based embedded fan-less Box computer TBOX-2XX0 series; And panel mounting PCAP touch industrial monitor TM-DPC101 products; Also, all in one system industrial panel PC products.

TAICENN offers high stability industrial computer TBOX-2XX0 series and ultra-slim designed PCAP industrial monitor TM-DPC101. Key features are below:

1- High performance & low power consumption Intel Skylake Core or Apollo lake processor, to provide high data processing capability, big load capability, high reliability, perfectly support the whole Building automation system;

2- Rich external communication interfaces, and expansion I/O design, can connect with the hardware equipment of the control and collection subsystem in BA system, high strong compatibility;

3- Industrial level fan-less design, low power consumption, strong stability, long-term smooth running, suitable for industrial wide temp. -20~+70C temp. range;

4- Optional wireless network function, intelligent connection with outside environment at any time, information exchange and processing.

5- Industrial grade industrial monitor, anti-fingerprint treatment, PACP touch, slim design, wide-screen display, panel mounting and VESA mounting.

Building automation technology is still a new technology field in china, but has been developed very fast in lots of developed countries. With the emergency of more and more intelligent buildings, more excellent hardware & software solutions and products will be required in this field. As a leading computer hardware solution provider & manufacturer, TAICENN focus on all kinds of industrial automation & intelligent applications direction, learn to solve the higher-level hardware computer technology and problems, so as to contribute a power to the development of SMART city.

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