Solicitation for Voters on ANSI Ballot of VITA 48.4

November 15, 2017 VITA

The VITA 48.4 working group has completed the draft and has voted to take the draft through to the ANSI process to be recognized as an ANSI standard. Voter registration for voting for ANSI recognition of the following draft standard is now open:


VITA 48.4-201x (New Standard), Liquid Flow Through VPX Plug-In Module Standard

This standard establishes the mechanical design interface control, outline and mounting requirements for a liquid-flow-through cooled plug-in unit to ensure the mechanical intermateability of 6U VPX liquid-flow-through cooled plug-in module within associated subracks. The connector layout remains common with VITA 46.. This plug-in module uses liquid flowing through an integral heat sink of the unit for cooling the electronic components and circuit boards. The quick disconnect coupling assemblies allow fluidic coupling to the chassis coolant manifold.

This ballot is open to both VITA members and non-members. You must register if you wish to participate in the ballots. Non-members should contact Jing Kwok, VITA Technical Director, for login credentials.

This solicitation will be open for 14 days. The roster will be vetted to ensure it meets balance, lack of dominance and openness rules. Following which a formal ballot will be sent to the roster for voting.


Closing Date: Tue, Nov 28 2017 2:00 pm PST

Please register ONLY IF you intend to vote. The ballot will be voided if we do not get enough returned votes.

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