Solicitation for Voters for ANSI Ballot of VITA 68.0, 68.1

July 11, 2017 VITA

Voter registration for voting for ANSI recognition of the following draft standards is now open.

Closing Date: Mon, Jul 24 2017

VITA 68.0 (new Standard), VPX Compliance Channel

Abstract: VITA 68.0 is the Base Standard of the VITA 68.x family of standards for signal integrity compliance of VPX systems and components. This standard provides an overview of the VITA 68.x family of standards and defines common requirements for VPX modules and VPX backplanes that apply across the range of VITA 68.x standards.

VITA 68.1 (new Standard), VPX Compliance Channel - Fixed Signal Integrity 4 Budget Draft Standard

Abstract: VITA 68.1 is part of the VITA 68.x family of standards for signal integrity compliance of VPX systems and components. Please refer to VITA 68.0 for an overview of the VITA 68.x family of standards. This standard defines a VPX compliance channel fixed signal Integrity budget including module performance criteria and common backplane performance criteria required to support multiple fabric types across a range of defined baud rates.

The full documents can be obtained from the working group page.

Please select the "Register me" option to be put on the ANSI ballot roster. You MUST also indicate an interest category with your ballot in the comment field.

This ballot is open to both VITA members and non-members alike. You must register if you wish to participate in the ballots. Feel free to contact non-members who may have an interest in this standard. Non-members should contact the undersigned for login credentials.

This solicitation will be open for 14 days. The roster will be vetted to ensure it meets balance, lack of dominance and openness rules. Following which a formal ballot will be sent to the roster for voting.

Please register ONLY IF you intend to vote. The ballot will be voided if we do not get enough returned votes.

Jing Kwok

Technical Director, VITA

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