SEGGER introduces audio class for USB devices

April 19, 2018 ECD Staff

SEGGER introduces audio class support for emUSB-Device. Any audio application may now be realized with the help of the Embedded Experts. Common use cases are devices such as conferencing systems, speakerphones, headphones or USB-to-audio adapters. If the target device incorporates or attaches to microphones, speakers, headsets, and/or musical instruments, the USB interface is often an ideal way to stream the audio data to or from the host.

The audio class is a component of SEGGER’s USB stack emUSB-Device. emUSB-Device is a high-performance USB device stack specifically designed for embedded systems. It runs on any microcontroller and is platform-independent. The flexible device stack enables the creation of multi-class devices using nearly any combination of the available USB classes. emUSB-Device provides classes for Media Transfer Protocol, Mass Storage Device, CDROM, Audio, Human Interface Device, CDC-ACM (Serial port communication), IP-over-USB, and printers. emUSB-Device includes a sophisticated Bulk communication class for delivering efficient, high-bandwidth peripherals. emUSB-Device is fully compliant to the USB-standard.

For evaluation, trial packages targeting SEGGER’s emPower board along with other readily available boards are available for download.

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