See the SLX FPGA demos with Vitis and Vidado HLS at Xilinx Developers Forum (XDF) 2019

October 9, 2019 Silexica

Silexica ( announced today that they are demonstrating SLX FPGA with the new Xilinx Vitis Unified Software Platform announced today at the Xilinx Developer Forum (XDF) 2019. SLX FPGA works in conjunction with the Xilinx Vivado HLS and will support the new Vitis platform to address the challenges associated with High-level Synthesis (HLS) design flow. As a Diamond Sponsor, Silexica will demonstrate SLX FPGA at the three forums: XDF Americas in Silicon Valley (US), XDF Europe in The Hague (NL) and XDF Asia held in Beijing (CN).

Maximizing Design Performance

Adopting an HLS methodology does present unique challenges that must be considered and overcome during the design process. SLX FPGA tackles the challenges associated with the HLS design flow including non-synthesizable C/C++ code, non-hardware aware C/C++ code, detecting application parallelism and where to insert pragmas to help software engineers prepare and optimize their C/C++ application code for HLS.  SLX FPGA delivers an average of  35X performance improvement with automatic HLS pragma insertion compared to no HLS pragmas. In addition, SLX FPGA helps to enable software developers to save months of development effort by performing:

  • Guided and automatic refactoring of non-synthesizable code written in C/C++ code
  • Detecting C/C++ code that can be executed in parallel to optimize performance
  • Automatic insertion of optimized pragmas to guide the Vivado HLS compiler and in the future Vitis HLS Complier

"Silexica is excited to be an early access partner to Xilinx Vitis Unified Software Platform," said Maximillian Odendahl, CEO at Silexica.  "Using the current Xilinx Vivado HLS or the new Xilinx Vitis Unified Software Platform with Silexica's advanced C/C++ analysis, SLX FPGA provides unmatched insights into application code to help Xilinx customers maximize their design performance."

Visit Silexica at all three forums: XDF Americas (Oct. 1-2) in Silicon Valley (US), XDF Europe (Nov. 12-13) in The Hague (NL), and XDF China (Dec. 3-4) in Beijing (CN). Please contact us to arrange a meeting or click here.

More information about XDF is available at: For additional updates from XDF, follow Xilinx on Twitter at @XilinxInc or via the hashtag #XDF2019.

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