Pixus Announces 3U OpenVPX Backplane To PCIe Gen3 Speeds

November 3, 2017 Pixus Technologies

Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, has released a 3U OpenVPX high-speed backplane in the 6-slot size.

The 3U OpenVPX backplane meets the BKP-DIS06-15.2.14 profile per VITA 65. The PCIe Gen3 capable backplane features a high-grade laminate material and back-drilling of vias. Rear Transition Module (RTM) connectors are optional for rear I/O access. Conformal coating and customized versions of the backplane are also available.

The slot pitch of the 3U OpenVPX backplane is 1.0”, with 0.80” versions available upon request. Pixus also offers 3U 6-slot backplanes in other VITA 65 backplane profile and speed options.

Pixus provides OpenVPX enclosures, backplanes, components, and accessories. The company also offers mounting rails and subrack components for CompactPCI Serial, CompactPCI, VME64x, and other architectures.

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