Percepio announces Tracealyzer 4 with a new user interface and live views

February 20, 2018 Phaedrus Systems

Percepio has announced a major update of Tracealyzer, its tool for visual software tracing of RTOS-based embedded systems and IoT devices. Tracealyzer version 4 has been redesigned from the bottom up, spanning from much faster data processing to a fresh modern user interface with live visualization. It also sports a host of new features aimed at empowering embedded developers and enabling them to get their products to market faster with fewer bugs.

“This is the largest update of Tracealyzer ever, with a lot of new analysis and visualization features that users have been asking for. After mainly focusing on broad RTOS support, this marks the beginning of a new phase featuring more powerful, user-defined analysis. It’s a greater value for a greater number of developers. Tracealyzer 4 is a whole new experience and a very powerful tool for embedded software developers,” says Johan Kraft, Percepio founder and CEO.

Some of the new features are

• Unlimited tracing

Monitor your application over long test runs, spanning hours, days or even weeks, and see analysis results, such as task execution times, immediately. Find interesting spots in the new trace preview and drill down into the details using the full power of Tracealyzer.


• Advanced live visualization

View the trace live while recording. Pause individual views to zoom in and inspect details while recording continues in the background. This way you can spot issues in the trace directly as they occur.


• Network and I/O awareness

Tracealyzer 4 provides better support for tracing Internet-of-Things devices and other connected applications with new awareness of network and I/O events. This allows for visualizing communication data rates over time, as well as the runtime interactions between tasks and communication interfaces like TCP sockets.


• User-defined analysis

Adapt Tracealyzer to your specific use case and see what really matters to you. Tracealyzer 4allows you to define custom intervals that highlight and report the time between selected software events. Moreover, with user-defined state machines you can visualize any state information in the trace, from software state variables or logged hardware states, either as state transition graphs or shown on a time line, much like in a logic analyzer.

Tracealyzer version 4 will be on display in Percepio’s booth 4-305 at Embedded World in Nuremberg next week. It will then be generally available in early March for Keil RTX5, FreeRTOS and Amazon FreeRTOS. Support for other RTOSs will be added during the first half of 2018; see https://percepio. com/tracealyzer for details.

In the UK, Tracealyzer is available from high reliability and safety-critical tools specialist, Phaedrus Systems. Find more information at

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