NXP and Dover Microsystems join forces to deliver network security, safety, and privacy for processors

July 24, 2018 Dover Microsystems

Dover Microsystems, today announced the company has aligned with NXP SemiconductorsTM N.V., a worldwide leader in secure connectivity solutions. NXP will utilize Dover’s groundbreaking CoreGuardTM technology to create inherently secure processors for embedded devices. CoreGuard’s hardware-based technology monitors every instruction executed by the host processor, thereby instantly blocking instructions that violate pre-established security rules. This technology will complement the strong security foundation implemented in NXP processors, which already include functions such as secure boot, crypto acceleration, and tamper resistance.

With growing IoT and ubiquitous connectivity, ensuring the safety, security, and privacy of devices and data is a growing concern. NXP has long been committed to identifying cutting- edge innovations that ensure secure connections for a smarter world. NXP recognized the potential of Dover's technology when it was still incubating at Draper and will leverage the shared vision to provide customers with robust protection for connected devices by enabling processors to defend themselves in real-time from network-based attacks.

"Anchored by its diverse research institutions, New England provides the strongest pipeline in the country for emerging security technologies. This breakthrough in secure processing at the hardware level shows how our region excels at bringing disruptive technologies to market,” said Michael Figueroa, Executive Director of Advanced Cyber Security Center. “Dover’s innovation represents an entirely new way to protect computer processors, something more important than ever at the hardware level as daily reports of cyberattacks shine a bright light on the vulnerability of our processors. I wish Dover Microsystems success on their roll-out and with their partnership with NXP."

Unlike other security products on the market, Dover’s CoreGuardTM solution aims to solve cybersecurity challenges at the silicon level. A commercialized product since 2017, CoreGuardTM is the industry’s first proven hardware-based approach to cybersecurity.

"In the fast-growing connected world of IoT and Edge Computing, NXP's mission is to provide comprehensive security against physical, logical and network attacks," said Joe Circello, NXP Fellow and Chief Security Architect. "We recognized the innovation and revolutionary approach

of CoreGuard in protecting devices against network-based attacks right at the processor level, perfectly complementing our suite of embedded security capabilities."

“As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP has a proven track record of providing customers with breakthrough IoT solutions that are not only innovative, but designed with safety and privacy in mind,” said Jothy Rosenberg, Dover Microsystems Founder and CEO. “Our shared vision for applying ground-breaking technology approaches to solve the most pressing concerns in the era of IoT will yield tremendous value for both customers and the industry at large. We are excited to be collaborating with NXP to produce the next-generation of highly secure embedded processors.”

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