Newark element14 presents the new 6½ digit Keithley DMM6500

May 24, 2018 ECD Staff

Newark element14 has added the 6½ digit Keithley DMM6500, to its range. A modern Bench/System digital multimeter, the DMM6500 is ideally suited for design engineers and production test engineers, delivering more measurement functionality, best-in-class measurement insight and a price that will not break the budget.

The DMM6500 is equipped with all the measurement functions you would expect in a bench multimeter, eliminating the need to buy additional measurement capabilities. It has 15 measurement functions including capacitance, temperature (RTD, thermistor and thermocouple), diode test with variable current sources, and up to 1 MS/sec digitizing. The digitizing function can be used for voltage or current and is especially useful in capturing transient anomalies or to help profile power events such as the operating states of today’s battery operated devices. Current and voltage can be digitized with a programmable 1 MS/sec 16-bit digitizer, making it possible to acquire waveforms without the need for a separate instrument.

The most recognizable feature of the DMM6500 is the large 5-inch capacitive touch display that makes it easy to observe, interact with and explore measurements with “pinch and zoom” simplicity. Beyond its display technology, the DMM6500 superior analogue measurement performance delivers 25 PPM basic DCV accuracy for one year and 30 PPM for two years, allowing users to extend calibration cycles.


Key benefits include:


• More measurement functions and wider measurement ranges (including 10 µA to 10 A and 1 mΩ to 100 MΩ) with more sensitivity to maximize the utility of the DMM and to enable measurements on new, low power components and products


• 1Msample/s digitizing to capture complex waveforms and transients


• A 5 inch (12.7cm) multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display with readily accessible swipe screens and minimized menu depth and to enable fast, in-depth data analysis. Graphing, pinch and zoom, cursors, and statistics enable design engineers to get greater insight into measurement trends and waveform characteristics


• Fastest integrating measurements to reduce test time in automated systems


• Test script processing (TSP) to reduce time-consuming communications with a PC and to customize measurements for specific applications


• Optional scan cards to expand the number of measurements that can be taken with a single DMM


• Emulation of the Keithley 2000 DMM to permit upgrading hardware while avoiding the need to write new test code


• Large internal memory - store up to 7 million readings, additional USB host port for storing readings, instrument configurations and screen images


• 2-year specifications to reduce the cost of ownership


• 3-year warranty

The Keithley DMM6500 is available from Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in APAC.

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