Newark element14 offers a range of Exclusive Brands providing price, performance and product customization benefits

July 24, 2018 Newark element14

Newark element14, the Development Distributor, is providing customers with more affordable alternatives on a wide range of electrical and electronics products for design and production applications through its range of Exclusive Brands. The Exclusive Brands range offers cost savings of typically 30% on over 50,000 production level quality, in-stock products with the additional benefit of customization options.

“As the Development Distributor, we provide support throughout the customers’ journey, from product development and test to maintenance expertise and advice.” says John Casiello, Global Marketing – Private Label at Premier Farnell and Newark element14: “Customers are often looking for cost effective alternatives for their development and production volume needs including access to component customization or sourcing of unique products. Our Exclusive Brands provide them with a reliable alternative from trusted suppliers with over 20 years’ experience. Nine out of ten of our customers using our Exclusive Brands say they would recommend them to friends and colleagues.”


Newark element14’s Exclusive Brands product range include:


• Production grade electromechanical and electronic components that meet pre-defined quality specifications, certifications and safety approval; including, amongst others, alternatives for resistors and capacitors, DC to DC convertors and heat sinks, optoelectronics, sensors, relays and switches.


• An extensive range of reliable test equipment including oscilloscopes, bench power supplies, digital multimeters (DMMs) and signal generators.


• Tools for design, production and maintenance from cutters, strippers and tool storage to soldering stations


• A huge selection of cable and wire management solutions

From design and test, to production and maintenance, Exclusive Brands offer a wide range of products suitable for both professional, education and home applications. Many products can also be customized to meet the needs of specific applications or projects, or to replace obsolete components. Product attributes such as color can also be changed.

Exclusive brands products come from suppliers selected by Newark element14 for their quality, reliability and assured supply chain. Exclusive brands include Multicomp, Duratool, Tenma, Pro-power, Pro-elec, Pro-signal, Stellar Labs, Defender Security and MCM Custom Audio. The full range of Exclusive Brands is available from Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific.

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