Neural Technologies to demonstrate digital twin technology to leverage 5G networks and meet customer demands at TM Forum Digital Transformat

May 20, 2019 Neural Technologies

SINGAPORE, 07 May 2019 - Neural Technologies, a leading provider of Digital Transformation solutions, will demonstrate how digital twin technology can transform operators services at TM Forum Digital Transformation World as part of the  Digital Twins Catalyst project.  

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) currently face ever-increasing challenges of leveraging 5G networks and offering customers new types of services. To overcome this challenge, new digital technologies are required to automate complex business processes to provide customers with the new personalised service they expect in a fast-evolving, digital world.

A digital twin mirrors a physical counterpart to represent, predict and forecast its behaviour, enabling operators to make highly-informed business decisions. The digital twin can also speed up product development cycles, save time and money and create new business models based on intelligent outcomes allowing CSPs to personalize the customer experience and meet their precise demands.

Claus Nielsen, Vice President of Marketing at Neural Technologies, describes the TM Forum AI Data Model as fundamental to the Digital Twin Catalyst project, enabling CSPs to run meaningful simulations capable of producing behavioral insights.

For the digital twin technology to be possible, a common data model is essential. All data needs to be classified and structured in the same way for the digital twin technology to perform. Digital Integration is the first step to making this possible using an AI Data Model. TM Forum's AI Data Model has been used by Neural Technologies to develop the customer digital twin to be demonstrated at the event.

"The digital twin of a customer is represented in a heatmap with icons helping to visualize aspects of their digital lifestyle, such as whether they spend a lot of time gaming, have high mobile usage and are physically inactive." Claus Nielsen, Vice President of Marketing at Neural Technologies said. "This twin can then be used by the CSP to tailor messages to that individual. For example, the digital twin may show that the customer has a low step count which could trigger a notification to the individual to be more active." Claus Nielsen continues: "This will give operators insight as to how the Neural Technologies Analytical Data Model can be used as a basis for enabling digital twin technology by using the TM Forum AI Data Model across the communications industry."

Three of the project's digital twin use cases will be demonstrated at TM Forum Digital Transformation World this month, one of which specifically demonstrates how a network digital twin and a customer digital twin are able to interact.

"Using a digital twin, we can also determine where there will be a significant increase on latency within the network and then share that information with the customer's digital twin to find out who is going to be affected to determine the next best action." Claus Nielsen, Vice President of Marketing at Neural Technologies said.

The 2025 Digital Operator Powered by Digital Twins Catalyst project was delivered in collaboration with other top-tier companies including Globe, Huawei, Ericsson, Singtel, KDDI, Infosys and Etiya and will be showcased at the event.

In addition to the Digital Twins Catalyst demonstration by Neural Technologies, Claus Nielsen, will be discussing how the Analytical Data Model can successfully assist operators Digital Transformation in his speech "Digital Integration - Standardizing Event Data collection and management with AI Data Model." Visitors to the event will be able to attend Claus Nielsen's presentation on the first day of the event, Tuesday 14th May, 16:45pm in Agora Conference Room 4.

Neural Technologies has been recognised for its digital transformation solutions and was a finalist in the TM Forum Excellence Awards for Open Digital Ecosystem provider of the year. If you are interested in hearing more or would like a demonstration of the Digital Twin Catalyst project please visit Neural Technologies in meeting room Gall 3 or email to arrange a briefing.

For more information about Neural Technologies and the Optimus Ecosystem, visit or email

About Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies brings Accord and Insight to an open digital world. Optimus, from Neural Technologies, can assist the enterprise in successfully digitising its various business processes in the areas of Revenue Management, Digital Integration, Advanced Automation & Analytics. Ultimately assisting enterprises in successfully completing their digital transformation journey and thereby propelling us all towards an open digital world. Neural Technologies has a global presence with customers in 45 countries worldwide. Founded in 1990, the company has built an international reputation for providing quality solutions to increase the bottom-line for its customers around the globe. 

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