Mercury Systems Extends Expertise in Microelectronics Miniaturization Services

June 28, 2019 Mercury Systems

ANDOVER, Mass. - June 27, 2019 - Mercury Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY, announced today the availability of miniaturization packaging services that complement the U.S. Government’s global positioning system (GPS) modernization efforts, advancing the development of smaller, more agile missiles and guided munitions to support mission success. Mercury’s innovative three-dimensional (3D) packaging, manufacturing and test services optimize the size, weight and power (SWaP) of new secure military code (M-Code) GPS receivers. Leveraging Mercury’s expertise in trusted 3D packaging and selective availability anti-spoofing modules (SAASM) assembly and testing, defense prime contractors can reduce their current electronics design footprint and deliver the greater payload and standoff capability the warfighter requires.


“Mercury’s commitment to innovation, combined with our unrivaled expertise in SWaP-optimized custom microelectronics, and industry-leading GPS testing capabilities allow our teams to deliver advanced technology that serves the warfighter’s mission.” said Iain Mackie, Vice President and General Manager of Mercury’s Microelectronics Secure Solutions group. “The GPS III-encrypted M-Code signals will provide significantly higher accuracy and anti-jamming capabilities, making these new receivers critical for mission success while simultaneously minimizing collateral damage against unintended targets.”


Mercury develops all custom microelectronics including M-Code receivers in a Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA)-accredited facility for design, assembly, test and broker services, providing customers with a trusted and assured chain of custody for authentic, made-in-the-USA microelectronics. For more than a decade, Mercury has been a trusted supplier of GPS SAASM, manufacturing more than 300,000 devices within a secure DMEA-accredited facility. The Company’s dedication to excellence in all aspects of industrial security has been recognized by the Defense Security Service (DSS) with Superior ratings of several of its sites, including the DMEA-accredited facility. Three of these sites have received the prestigious James S. Cogswell award for sustained excellence and innovation in security program management, implementation and oversight.


Mercury is now engaging with customers on assembly and SWaP optimization design services for M-Code GPS devices. For application assistance or additional information, please visit or directly contact Mercury’s application engineering team at or (866) 627-6951.

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