McObject's new eXtremeDB Financial Edition for HPC offers excellent performance and a host of new features

May 16, 2018 OpenSystems Media, LLC

McObject, developer of the ultra-efficient database system for real-time and historical data analysis, announced today a new version of its eXtremeDB Financial Edition (for HPC) v.8.0 database management system.

As with all previous versions of eXtremeDB, the new version is designed for speed and efficiency. It offers significant speed improvements, building on the performance of the previous record-setting version, along with a suite of other benefits such as an ultra-fast and flexible market data feed handler.

Steve Graves, CEO and co-founder of McObject, says: “This version of eXtremeDB comes with a number of benefits, and of course delivers excellent performance. Speed has always been of critical importance for the financial markets, so we’re very pleased with the improvements this version delivers. It also offers unprecedented flexibility for HPC (high performance computing) with its wide range of math functions which support in-chip analytics.” He adds: “The fact that it supports SQL and Python, along with a number of other widely-used languages, gives our clients faster time-to-market and reduced costs.”


eXtremeDB Financial Edition (for HPC) v8.0 key new functionality:

Web Services - eXtremeDB 8.0 provides web services through the popular REST protocol. The eXtremeDB REST server can be accessed by any language that supports HTTP and JSON; it also has a GUI dashboard for presentation and direct manipulation of database configuration, content, etc., without the need for programming.

Feed Handler - faster, more efficient ingest of market data and a more efficient process for enabling new feeds (Thomson Reuters and Vela feed handlers are built in).

SQL improvements - better performance of distributed database servers through asynchronous processing of SQL statements. Distributed and standalone databases alike will benefit from SQL optimizer improvements. Time series support has been enhanced to support out-of-order processing of time-series elements.

Security –support for IPv6 for all distributed components. IPv6 supports end-to-end encryption, providing a higher degree of security.

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