KP Performance Antennas Introduces New ProLine, 8-Port Sector Antenna with 2.3 GHz to 6.4 GHz Frequency Coverage

August 14, 2019 KP Performance Antennas

IRVINE, Calif. - KP Performance Antennas, a manufacturer of wireless network antennas, has just launched a new 8-port ProLine sector antenna that is perfectly suited for broad-frequency, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and backhaul applications.

KP’s new KPP-2S5SX8-65 ProLine Sector Antenna is specially designed to deliver high, stable gain over wide bandwidths and suppress side-lobes for mitigating inter-sector interference. Features include 65 degree azimuth beamwidth, 8 ports (4 ports for each band range), dual band 2300-2700 MHz and 4900-6400 MHz frequency support, 17dBi gain, slant polarization, front to back ratio of 30-35dB and 0 degree electrical downtilt.

“Our new KPP-2S5SX8-65 ProLine antenna reduces tower loading and rental costs by incorporating 4 ports for each frequency band range in one radome. Typically, installers would use four 2-port antennas or two 4-port antennas to achieve the same coverage on the tower,” said Ken Izatt, Antenna Product Line Manager.


KP’s new KPP-2S5SX8-65 sector antenna is in-stock and can be ordered directly from any of KP’s authorized distributors or from the KP Performance Antennas website at

For inquiries, please call 1-855-276-5772.

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