Kong Open Sources Kuma: The Universal Service Mesh

September 11, 2019 Kong Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kong Inc., creators of the leading API and service lifecycle management platform for modern architectures, today announced the release of a new open source project called Kuma. Based on the popular open source Envoy proxy, Kuma is a universal control plane that addresses limitations of first-generation service mesh technologies by enabling seamless management of any service on the network. Kuma runs on any platform – including Kubernetes, containers, virtual machines, bare metal and other legacy environments – and includes a fast data plane and an advanced control plane that makes it significantly easier to use. By covering the services across the entire organization, Kuma will enable greater return on current investment and drive greater value from a service mesh.

"It's been amazing to see how quickly Envoy has been adopted by the tech community, and I'm super excited by Kong's new 'Kuma' project," said Matt Klein, creator of the Envoy proxy. "Kuma brings Kong's proven enterprise developer focus to an Envoy-based service mesh, which will make it faster and easier for companies to create and manage cloud native applications."

As companies increasingly adopt distributed architectures, being certain of network reliability, security and visibility is essential. Initial service mesh solutions lacked the ease-of-use and flexibility needed to ease adoption across every team. Kuma automates the process of securing the underlying network, ensuring reliability and making everything observable without having to change any code. It does that for any platform – not only for greenfield or Kubernetes-oriented applications, enabling a more pragmatic cloud native journey within the organization.

To download Kuma, please visit https://kuma.io/. Kuma will also be on display at the second annual Kong Summit, which takes place in San Francisco on October 2-3, 2019.

"We now have more microservices talking to each other, and connectivity between them is the most unreliable piece: prone to failures, insecure and hard to observe," said Marco Palladino, CTO and co-founder of Kong. "It was important for us to make Kuma very easy to get started with on both Kubernetes and VM environments, so developers can start using service mesh immediately even if their organization hasn't fully moved to Kubernetes yet, providing a smooth path to containerized applications and to Kubernetes itself. We are thrilled to be open sourcing Kuma and extending the adoption of Envoy, and we will continue to contribute back to the Envoy project like we have done in the past. Just as Kong transformed and modernized API gateways with our open source Kong Gateway, we are now doing that for service mesh with Kuma."

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