High Performance UHF RFID Reader Module Features Impinj R2000 Built-in

May 18, 2020 Infinite RFID Technology Co., Limited
The UHF RFID Reader module adopts Impinj Indy R2000 chip as RF transceiver.
  • Anti-collision Algorithm Unique I - Search multi-tag identification algorithm providing the highest efficiency.
  • Optimized Algorithm for Tags with Small Volume Optimized applications for reading small volume tags with better respond time.
  • Dual CPU Architecture Main CPU: tag inventory; Assistant CPU: data management.
  • Fast Antenna Switch Inventory (For M-2800 and M-2900) Every antenna's inventory duration is configurable (Minimum duration: 30 ms).
  • Polling from ANT 1 to the last antenna.
  • Tag inventory and data transfer are parallel and simultaneous.
  • Two Modes for Inventory Buffer mode and Real-time mode.
  • Tags will be stored as buffer under buffer mode.
  • Tags will send data under real-time mode. This mode allows user to get tag data instantly.
  • Hardware System Halt Detection Hardware CPU status surveillance.
  • Run for 24 hours X 365 days without system halt.

For more information, visit https://www.infiniterfid.com/products/uhf-rfid-modules/ium400-4-port-uhf-rfid-reader/.

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