GTS Helps OEMs Escape Tariffs by Shifting Battery Pack and Charger Production Out of China

September 20, 2019 GTS

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Sep. 11, 2019– New tariffs have increased the cost of manufacturing in China by up to 25% and many observers see continuing instability and uncertainty regarding China trade policy. 

In response, Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS) has initiated a new program that enables companies to flee the increased costs and security risks associated with manufacturing in China by quickly and easily moving battery pack and charger manufacturing to the GTS facilities in Taiwan. 

“GTS is equipped to move a customer’s tooling and components out of China and, in as little as 30 days, resume production in our secure facilities in Taiwan,” said GTS President & CEO Larry Murray. “We also have the flexibility to manufacture small quantities for new products and almost unlimited quantities for more mature products.”

For nearly two decades, GTS has manufactured world-class, quality battery packs and chargers for large and small companies and government agencies in its facilities, as well as offered full design services with complete turn-key services and logistics support as needed.

With its “Get Out of China” initiative, GTS offers OEMs immediate cost savings of up to 25%, along with IP security and low minimum order quantities (MOQs). Low MOQs help OEMs improve cash flow by reducing battery inventories and investments. On behalf of its OEM customers, GTS leverages its long-term relationships with manufacturers of the highest performing Japanese battery cells, bringing unmatched quality and reliability.

“From single-cell assemblies to complex military packs and chargers, GTS can do it all – including in-house testing and certifications,” added Danny Rockett, GTS Vice President of Technology & Manufacturing. “As part of our program, GTS also provides a complimentary analysis of a customer’s current battery packs and cells, including advice on potential cell and component upgrades to provide longer run times, longer life and reduced costs.”

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