GIGAIPC's IoT Solutions at Embedded World 2019

February 26, 2019 GIGAIPC Co., Ltd.

Taipei, Feb. 26, 2019 – GIGAIPC, a designer and manufacturer of industrial PC technology, will exhibit IoT solutions for Smart Retail, Digital Signage, Smart Factory, and Facial Recognition Systems at GIGAIPC’s booth (Booth No. Hall 3, 3-154) during Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Embedded World 2019 is an important event for the embedded system community, and is a must-attend for IPC companies. Approximately 32,000 visitors will gather there to meet around 1,000 exhibitors, who will be presenting their solutions covering all facets of embedded technologies. GIGAIPC also won’t miss this important opportunity to present our state-of-art embedded solutions and emphasize our high quality service.

GIGAIPC exhibit three live demos for Digital Signage, Facial Recognition System, and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) at our Booth.

1. Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM): SDM-7100L + T01-3DX 3D Camera

2. Facial Recognition System with Intel® OpenVION™ enabled: QBiP-7200A + T01-3DX 3D Camera + Alpha-Info

3. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Solutions with Intel® OpenVION™ enabled: QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100H-A1 + Alpha-Info

Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) showcase by GIGAIPC: SDM-7100L + T01-3DX 3D Camera

GIGAIPC will showcase a digital signage solution: SDM-7100L equipped with a facial recognition system which is able to analyze the user and determine their gender and age, then according to this information instantly trigger a targeted advertisement or specific media content. The digital signage enhancement is more effective in delivering the right advertising content to the right customer.

Our SDM-7100L is integrated with a 3D camera (T01-3DX 3D Camera) with 48” High Brightness monitor provide a total solution of smart retail. The SDM-7100L is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i3-7100 processor, and has already been deployed in several smart retail applications.

GIGAIPC’s Facial Recognition System with Intel® OpenVION™ Enabled: QBiP-7200A + T01-3DX 3D Camera + Alpha-Info

GIGAIPC will showcase a Facial Recognition System (Face ID Security Access Control Panel PC): QBiP-7200A + T01-3DX 3D Camera, which has been developed together with software from Alpha-info. The Facial Recognition System can be used for door access control, to implement employee attendance records, factory access security, and for use in unmanned stores.

Alpha-info’s software platform uses Intel®’s OpenVino™ ToolKit development technology to implement an AI (artificial intelligence) enabled facial recognition system, and GIGAIPC’s hardware provides a stable host computer, allowing the system to recognize faces faster and more accurately.

GIGAIPC’s Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Solution with Intel® OpenVION™ Enabled: QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100H-A1 + Alpha-Info

GIGAIPC's AOI solution evaluates the correctness of products being assembled on an industrial production line, and judges whether the products have missing parts or defects. The system can implement size classification, measurement, position judgment, text recognition, etc., providing stable, safe and reliable inspection and system. It can improve production efficiency, shorten inspection time and reduce product defect rate.

GIGAIPC provides a highly stable computing system: QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100H-A1, which combines Alpha-info's software and intel® OpenVION™ Tool Kit platform to provide customers with an excellent industrial automation control solution.

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1. Intel® Smart SDM Module: SDM-7100L + T01-3DX Camera

2. Facial Recognition System: QBiP-7200A + T01-3DX Camera + Alpha-Info

3. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Solutions: QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100H-A1 + Alpha-Info


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