embedded world 2018: Wibu-Systems introduces new version of CodeMeter Embedded 2.1

February 15, 2018 Wibu-Systems

Wibu-Systems will be presenting the new version of CodeMeter Embedded 2.1 , a modular runtime environment for embedded systems, at the Embedded World in Hall 4, Stand 360 . From now on, manufacturers who develop embedded software, for example, for smart devices, can easily download the appropriate package for their industrial environment and use it for software protection and licensing.

What is new is that different versions of operating systems and processor architectures have now been combined into optimized packages: The required packages are no longer created individually. Manufacturers can download the required package after registration and activation for the operating systems Android, Linux, QNX, VxWorks and Windows with the processor architectures ARM, PowerPC and x86. CodeMeter Embedded is available as a static library and can be easily integrated into the protected application.

CodeMeter Embedded 2.1 works with both the CmDongle protection hardware, including the new CmStick / B and CmStick / BMC hardware in sleek metal housing with or without Flash memory, and CmActLicense, which can be attached to the target system's digital fingerprint. In this case, the manufacturer adjusts the generation of the digital fingerprint and the storage of the license files to his specific target platform.

In addition, CodeMeter Embedded 2.1 can be linked to AxProtector CmE and ExProtector, the software protection tools against piracy, analysis (reverse engineering) and manipulation, and the CodeMeter License Central, the database-based solution for creating, delivering, managing, and monitoring licenses.

Other Embedded World topics include protection and licensing for VxWorks. The long-standing partnership between Wibu-Systems and Wind River, an Intel subsidiary, results in a complete, turnkey VxWorks solution that includes integrity protection, authentication, IP and copy protection, certificate management, license and rights management, and hardware, software or cloud key storage Solution covers.

In addition, CodeMeter recently passed the enablement test for SGX, Intel's architectural extension for even better application and data protection. The protection is available for Windows and will soon be available for Linux and the cloud. CodeMeter uses SGX Enclaves to securely store binding features in memory at runtime for even more secure software protection and licensing.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, is dedicated to the topic of security for Industry 4.0, also for embedded systems: "In machine-to-machine networks, remote control, remote monitoring and remote maintenance in global networks will in future be used by many different providers take place. Any technology that is to become the industry standard must provide for interoperability and communication between current and future embedded systems. With CodeMeter Embedded 2.1, we bring usability, monetization and cyber security to a new level for all major platforms."

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