Embedded tools and services provider Ashling wins approval as NXP engineering consultant

July 2, 2018 Ashling

Ashling, a leading supplier of high-performance embedded software and hardware tools, today announced that it has been qualified by NXP as an Approved Engineering Consultant (AEC). The aim of NXP’s AEC program is to provide customers with engineering services above and beyond NXP technical support, to get them to production faster. NXP Approved Engineering Consultants are trusted design contractors, software service providers, and training centres that offer experienced consulting or design services to implement NXP technology solutions.

“This approval results from Ashling’s 20 years’ partnership with NXP on embedded tools and services activities. This is a significant step in cementing our relationship with NXP, and should enable all NXP divisions and their customers to become familiar with Ashling’s capabilities,” said John Murphy, Managing Director of Ashling.

Dr. Guy Rabbat, President of Ashling, said “Ashling’s long-term collaboration with NXP includes projects based on NXP’s smart card controllers (SmartMX), Power Architecture devices and embedded Secure Element (eSE) devices. In obtaining this qualification, Ashling had to meet a set of strict evaluation criteria. We are grateful to the NXP teams with whom we have previously worked, for providing positive references on our company’s performance.”

“Ashling, with their extensive experience in embedded software and hardware development, enable NXP customers to rapidly get from design concept to end market with an optimised usage of the resources and technology we are integrating in our smart card and secure element products.” said Gérard Maniez, Director, 3rd Party Technical Support Network at NXP.

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